wed-thurs-fri specials

wed-thurs-fri specials Wed-Thurs. Lunch and dinner menu has – 20%

*If you have any food allergy please inform your server, our food could contain nuts, eggs, spices…

*Corkage fee will charge 5$ per person for B.Y.O

*birthday cake service $2 per person

*10% extra charge for public Holidays spring-summer

Persian breakfast $12.90 Add tea or coffee $2 Fetta, jam, butter, halva, cucumber, tomato, olives, walnut, egg, bread

Kate kotlet $12.90 Saffron rice with beef Kofte in tomato sauce with side salad and pickles

Persian Stew of the day $12.90 With Saffron rice side salad

Abdoogh Khiar $12.90 v cold Yogurt soup w apple, dates, mint, roses, walnut, serve with crispy bread

Watermelon Salad$12.90 v cold Mint, rockets, fetta, sunflower seeds, serve with crispy bread