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Gheyme nesar

رستوران گیلانه سیدنی

gheyme nesar
pp Time
20 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
40 mins

“Gheymeh Nesar” is one of the most famous, popular, and delicious traditional dishes of Qazvin province in Iran. Qazvin is the capital of the Qazvin province in the centre of Iran.
Cuisine: Persian cousin
Servings: 6 people


3 cups Rice soaked with water and salt 3 tbsp Barberry soaked in water 1 tbsp Sugar smooth with small grains 120 g Butter 3 tbsp Meat Stock 3 tbsp Almond Slices soaked in water 2 tbsp Pistachio Slices washed and strained 0.5 cup Rose Water 450 g Meat chopped As needed Frying Oil 2 tbsp Tomato Paste 2 tbsp Fried Onion 1 tbsp Cinnamon 1 tbsp Cardamom 1 tbsp Saffron As needed Salt, Pepper, and Turmeric


1.Strain the soaked barberries and leave it with sugar, 50 grams of the butter and meat stock for 45 minutes. Then, stir-fry them in a pan on a moderate heat. 2.Leave the wet and strained almond slices with pistachio slices for 10 minutes, and then strain them. 3.Stir-fry the meat in a pot with hot oil until it completely loses its water. 4.Pour the tomato paste in a pan with oil and place it on a gentle heat until its color is changed and beautiful. 5.Add 3 cups of water to the meat (as much as the water covers it). Later, add 1 tablespoon of the almond and pistachio to it and let it cook. After a while and in the middle of the cooking, add half of the barberries to the meat pot. 6.In the separated pan containing some oil, stir-fry the pepper and turmeric; and at the final stages of the meat being cooked, add it to the pot with cinnamon, cardamom, and salt. After this, put the pot aside. 7.Pour some water in a suitable pot an put in high heat on the stove. When it was boiling, pour the water of the soaked rice away and pour the rice in the pot. Leave the rice for 10 to 14 minutes and strain it afterwards. 8.Add some oil to the pan and wait for it to be warm. Add a layer of rice and a layer of meat and spice mix on top of that continually. Put its lid on, increase the heat and for it to steam. 9.Put the rest of the butter with 3 tablespoons of oil on the stove. When the rice was steaming, pour it on the rice. You also need to add the dissolved saffron on the rice now. 10.Put the lid back on an after lowering the temperature, wait for the rice to steam an additional 25 minutes. 11.After this time, mix some of the rice (polow) with barberries and slices and pour it in a tray or plate. 12.Pour the gheyme (meat mix) in the center and for the rest of the rice on it. Your gheyme nesar is ready to be served with maximum delight. You can add some sweetened orange peel slices for even a greater taste. we serve gheyme nesar in gilaneh restaurant in eastern suberbs

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